The Florida Harbor Pilots Association is comprised of nearly 100 highly-skilled and highly-trained harbor pilots that serve each of Florida’s 14 deepwater ports.


In addition to ensuring the safe navigation of these vessels, harbor pilots know the intricate details and local conditions of the waterways and channels that surround Florida’s ports and are often called upon by Florida’s port authorities to assist with the planning of new seaport development and new ship operations.
“As trained experts with detailed knowledge of Florida’s waterways, shorelines and deepwater ports, Florida’s harbor pilots protect our state’s ports from harm and ensure the safe passage of ship traffic – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We work diligently to maximize the efficiency of Florida’s seaports that serve as hubs for economic growth and stimulus, making their safety and well-being our top priority.”
Capt. Ben Borgie, President, Florida Harbor Pilots Association
“Compulsory state pilots provide that unique level of protection for the states natural resources unencumbered by commercial imperatives.”
Eugene F. Sweeney, Ex-pilot Commissioner for the State of Florida
“These highly skilled professionals accept the enormous responsibility of guiding a ship, its crew and cargo safely through our harbor, bringing us the essential products of our lives, protecting our natural resources and delivering us property.”
Victoria B. Robas, Former Chair and Maritime Commissioner for the Board of Pilot Commissioners