The Biscayne Bay Harbor Pilots

If you’ve spent time at South Pointe Park in Miami Beach, you might have noticed the steady stream of cruise and cargo ships going in and out of Port Miami.  These hulking ships are one of the signature images of South Florida.

Tampa Bay Pilots Bring Them In

At Thursday’s Port Authority meeting, Captain Allen L. Thompson, Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Pilots Association, walked commissioners and audience through what it takes to bring in a cruise ship, cargo vessel or tanker into Tampa Bay at either Port of Tampa or Port of Manatee.

Tampa Bay Harbor Pilot honored by Tampa Bay Organization Women in International Trade

The Tampa Bay Pilots Association (TBPA), the association of harbor pilots serving the Tampa Bay area’s maritime traffic needs and a member of the Florida Harbor Pilots Association (FHPA), today announced that Captain Carolyn Kurtz has received the International Business Person of the Year Award from the Tampa Bay Organization Women in International Trade (TBOWIT).

Tampa harbor pilot is one of few women in the industry

The bigger the boat the better for Capt. Carolyn Kurtz. Not simply because the Port of Tampa harbor pilot thrives on navigating 100-foot wide ships through a 500-foot wide channel. But because the woman guiding the gigantic vessels gets seasick on small crafts.